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Quality Inspection
Inspection is performed based on an agreed AQL (Acceptance Quality Level) established between customers. We offer extensive and thorough quality control services in the industry.

In process inspection, the KJCF Quality Representative will selectively inspect a product at different stages of the production line. The flow of process inspection is given below:
  • Verify the execution of Corrective Action by the Quality Team
  • Inspect and detect poor quality linkages at different production station
  • Product and component quality inspection before assembly.
  • Identify supplier production weaknesses in the production system that leads to defects.
Our technical and quality personnel are full time employees with vast industrial experience and technical background in all quality aspects, from product manufacturing to quality control.

KJCF has various categories and levels of technical and quality manpower. They can function individually or as a team assembled from different subsidiaries.

Test equipment are maintained and monitored appropriately. Calibration certification complies with Quality System certification of ISO 9001:2015; through accredited lab by the Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM) and National Metrology Center (NMC).

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