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Edible Oil Can
Kian Joo Group has more than 48 years experience in producing cans to house edible oils. Manufactured using high quality materials & innovative technology, our cans come in different sizes to accommodate different types of edible oils.

Our cans are leak-tight double seamed. Drum and rectangular cans are generally used for edible oil products. Our quality personnel carries out tests and inspections during the production process to ensure our products meet specifications.
1 Gal 402 x 610 x 907 105 x168 x 240
5ltr 402 x 610 x 1206 105 x 168 x 315
15/16kg 904 x 904 x 1306 235 x 235 x 340
17kg 904 x 904 x 1400 235 x 235 x 356
18kg 904 x 904 x 1412 235 x 235 x 374
20ltr 904 x 904 x 1415 235 x 235 x 383
[We also make various can heights for rectangular edible oil can - c/w cooking flexspout]
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