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Full Aperture End (FAE)
  Product Features
Easy to Open
Just lift and pull the ring tab and the FAE will open easily. It is very user-friendly.

The FAE can be opened with just a finger pull. Can openers are not needed.

Eliminates the risk of end particles falling into the can during the process of opening.
  Process of Full Aperture Easy Open End
Shell Press
Can end manufacture begins with a coil of tinplate. This tinplate is stamped out through a shell press, to form the basic shell. There is no forming and no tab attached. It is just a flat disc with the outside diameter curled to accept a can neck.

The shell press produces more than 1,000 shells per minute.

A special type of sealant called compound is applied to the inside curl of the shell. This ensures a perfect curl when the end is seamed on to the can. This process is called lining and is done at a very high speed on a compound lining machine.

In this process, the lined shell is converted to a finished end. This is done in a conversion press.

The machine produces a strip of tabs from the narrow coil of tinplate strips which are fed into an integral tab die. The machine also forms and scores the shell into a recognisable end, and attaches the tab to the end.

There are eight separate stages, or progressions, involved in converting a shell into a finished end. There are 13 working stages involved in producing the Stolle Tab and 17 working stages in producing a standard tab.

Electro Coater
This electrocoating system performs the easy openable ends post-repairing by means of an electrophoretic process that grants full coverage of any scratch, cut edge of the material or score line.

Spray Machine
The spray machine is used to repair the inner side and outer side of a food filled open end with lacquer to protect it from rust.
FAE can be seamed onto cans suitable for sweetened condensed milk, baked beans, green peas, sardines, meats, preserved fruits, vegetables and kinds of food.
KJ Can (Selangor) - Plant 2 started off producing Full Aperture End (FAE) with a staff of 40 in 2003. Our products are the 214D and 315D FAE. 214D FAE can be necked into 300D can size, while 315D FAE can be necked into 401D can size. The feature of this unique size is that cans become stackable at the market shelf. When cans are made stackable, damage is reduced at the score line.

Our FAE is a prime example of how excellence in packaging design can improve the quality of life for millions of consumers. Key features include a finger access well that aids lifting of the tab for easier opening, a robust design with excellent abuse performance to withstand damage during processing and distribution, and consistent performance and quality.

Furthermore it's secure, reliable and tamper proof. There are 2 types of design, namely sweetened condensed milk (SCM) and processed food (PF). We use PF to pack fish, shrimps, peas, sweet corn, coconut milk & cream, mushrooms, and other foodstuffs. Our customers include (but not limited to) F&N, Marigold, Ayam, Rex Canning, CAP & Chiap Hoong.
At all stages of the production process, the ends are constantly scanned by cameras. Functional checks are performed by computer controlled equipment and are backed up by extensive visual checks. These tests are essential in confirming the integrity of the product before the ends are packed into paper sleeves and palletised for shipment.
  214Ø FAE
- 214 70
  315Ø FAE
- 315 96
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